Free Download: Basic Trip Planning Worksheet

Despite the numerous places I’ve been to, I will never ever forget that trip to Bangkok, Thailand that I had with my college friends back in 2013. Being the only girl in a group of six and the most neurotic in the group, I guess it was an unspoken thing that I was supposed to draft our itinerary. I was in a really bad season of my life though, so I forgot to plan for anything. We winged it day-by-day and were surprisingly able to visit the key tourist spots and eat all the good Thai food we had to eat. (Yahoo, divine providence!) But, like any other unforgettable trip, we got lost. There were two key “OMG WHERE ARE WE” moments that we had:

  1. We wanted to buy cheap clothes, and we ended up at Siam Paragon (a high-end fashion mall) instead of Platinum Mall (the correct place for a good bargain).
  2. We wanted to visit some palace/temple but ended up in a random citizen’s park, where we instead spent 2-3 hours taking photos while looking for a way to go back to the city center.

Both moments are forever etched in my memory and I have no regrets about them, BUT I have ever since vowed to be more prepared whenever I travel. After Bangkok, I created a “trip planner” template which I have been using for all of my trips both local and abroad. It had various versions but has now become more stable (after much use) and I just tweak it now and then for special needs per trip.

Lucky for you, I am feeling a bit generous right now in spreading the art of organization. Thus, I am sharing with you my worksheet for FREE!!!



  • Helps you out to plan your trip’s ITINERARY!
  • Only one tab to be filled out for those who don’t want things too complicated :)
  • Enables you to budget for your expected spending per day. You’ll also be able to note which expenses are required (e.g. transpo, accommodation) and which are optional (e.g. souvenirs, tours). This will allow you to adjust your budget accordingly.
  • Can be shared with your family (or anyone who might be worried about where you are) as it will give them a blow-by-blow on where you’ll be at what time.
  • Asks you to note temperature as well, so that you can prepare appropriate clothing right from the airport of your “homebase” until when you come back
  • Gives you a single view of contact information needed for the trip

Just click here to download (if you wanna promote my site) or here if you’d rather not (aww huhu)!

Want to see more stuff from my trying-to-be-organized life? Let me know!


(via Daily Prompt: Paragon)


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