U Can’t Touch This

I had a slight screamfest with my sister recently when I found out that she was using my phone without my permission when I was just literally 1 meter away from her. I was so consumed by Gossip Girl and exercising, that I did not realize that she was tinkering with my phone to go on Facebook. I, of course, was annoyed with the fact that she touched my stuff and that she doesn’t seem to understand why it’s a big deal for me.

Because of that episode, I have decided to make a list of my belongings that you cannot touch:

  • My phone – Nope, I’m not hiding any conversation. I just don’t want anyone rummaging through my stuff.
  • My planner – NEVER TOUCH MY PLANNER, PLEASE. It is an extension of myself. An officemate of mine once randomly picked up my planner and skimmed through the contents. I wanted to tackle her, but SOBC.
  • Food that I like & crave too much that I cannot afford to share, and food that I explicitly express to be MINE – Examples: Salted egg potato chips, cheese doughnuts, French toast, ice cream, chocolates, cookie butter, Potato Corner fries. Side story: I once craved for fries for HOURS and finally decided to walk to the mall beside our office to buy some. Upon returning to the office, a friend asked for some. I couldn’t say no, but I wanted to SO MUCH because it was what I was having for dinner. I can only imagine the look on my face when she was getting some fries ’cause she didn’t ask for seconds.
  • Clothes that I have set aside to wear
  • Clothes that I have not set aside to wear, but you know look good on me so there is a chance that I will end up wearing them tomorrow
  • My mess, when I do not ask for your help to get it sorted out
  • Whoever my special someone is of the moment – I do not like sharing.
  • My nose – I’m just saving you from its oiliness.

On the other hand, here are some things you can touch:

  • Food that I leave on the table for anyone to eat
  • Food that I explicitly offer to you
  • Stuff I buy that can repeatedly be used and are not that costly – Examples: Paper, pen, Sticky notes
  • Stuff I buy that are a bit expensive but you promise to take care of when you use them – Examples: XBOX, laptop
  • My mess, when I ask for your help to get it sorted out
  • The sky – While your knees hit the ground.
  • My hair – Only if you are my hairdresser, or boyfriend.
  • My hand – Only if you are David Archuleta. Haha.
  • My heart – Only if you are God.

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