No Expectations

I have learned from my past not-so-successful crushings that unless it is explicitly stated that the person likes you and would like to pursue you, you SHOULD NOT set expectations. No matter how sweet someone can be towards you, no matter how touchy, no matter how perfect you two may seem to be in your daydreams and fantasies, unless it is said OUTRIGHT–without any need for guessing and mind games–you cannot set any expectations.

Self, please remember this.

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Radical Softness

I stumbled upon a tweet from Isa Garcia recently, where she shares a photo seemingly from a James Michael Nichols:


Society nowadays tells us that it’s kadiri to show emotions, and that we have to be tough and strong–never at the “losing” end of any relationship. And oh, I just couldn’t disagree more. I’m a proponent of platonic kilig as I believe in “expressive” display of affection towards people we care about, even if they are not our romantic lovers.

Thanks to social media and some rude comedians we watch on TV, it’s become a common practice to be vocal about our hatred and dislike of things (and even people). It seems that if it’s a criticism or a form of disapproval, we go straight ahead and express ourselves–no holds barred.

If we could just be as brave and blunt about expressing love, care and concern towards others, then I think there’d be peace on Earth. I’m preaching to myself here as well, since the many years of people frowning upon my “being emotional” is something I’m still battling.

May we not be afraid for our love to fall on deaf ears. May we not be afraid for our love to be rejected. May we not be afraid for our love to be taken for granted. As cliche as it may sound, love–especially love expressed–really is all we need.

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John 14:27

I’ve been complaining for the past two weeks about how tired I am with everything that’s happening. I’m used to all this crazy running around, but my plate has never been as full as it is now. I am honestly so overwhelmed, but I am trying so hard to be calm and collected on the outside as I know that a lot of people are “looking at me”. I don’t want to bring discouragement to those I work with.

Today though, I felt an intense sense of unrest. I started palpitating, and I feel like my brain ran a marathon with how agitated it is. I rummaged Youtube for a worship song that can calm me down and I remembered Steffany Gretzinger’s Letting Go. It’s a lovely song, but I did not get appeased because I just ended up singing along. Through some stroke of God’s divine intervention though, Youtube auto-played (I normally hate it when that happens) and I ended up listening to same artist’s song called Cecie’s Lullaby. How timely it is for me to hear this song for the first time today of all days! Listening to it on loop feels like hearing God sing John 14:27 to me over and over again.

Here are the song’s lyrics:

Call my name
And I will answer/listen
All you need
It’s here inside my arms
Just breathe/sleep
And you’ll be safe and sound with me

No one knows you better than me
No one’s been a better friend

So rock-a-bye baby
Come and rest
You’ve been tired lately
Lay your head down
Don’t you think, baby
I know best
I’ve been a father
For a long time

What a blessing. It’s just so awesome and is such a blessing when someone makes utter sense and puts into perfect words what you want to say, or what you need to hear.

In addition to me stumbling upon this song, I also found another video while looking for a “live” version. There’s this clip of a mom singing to her newborn baby who seems to be sick and stuck with lots of medical apparatus. Here’s a link so you can see it for yourself:

I just bawled when I saw this. Other than feeling compassion for the baby (whom I hope is doing better now!!! huhuhu), I imagined myself in the position of the child with God singing to me like the mother. He sees how bruised and tired and wounded we are, and He is just overflowing with love for us and wants us to trust Him that’s He’s got this–He knows what’s best for us. And, though I forget it sometimes, I personally believe that seeing us hurt also breaks the Lord’s heart (Psalm 24:18). So yes, Meki. Trust God when He says that you can find your rest in Him.