Hello, I’m Dory

I have to be honest. I have the attention span of a goldfish. Dory of Finding Nemo (though not a goldfish) was never cute/adorable to me ’cause he reminded me too much of myself. I’m easily bored and ever so curious–and yup, I may have visited 3 other websites before finishing typing that sentence.

I used to be so proud of my multitasking skills, but I now realize the terrible effect it has on my focus and discipline. At any point in time, I can have 10 tabs open in my browser. You’ll also find me eating, typing up an e-mail, checking Facebook, or daydreaming while attending a conference call. I used to enjoy listening to music while working, but I’ve become so easily distracted that I cannot function with any background music at all. I’d end up singing along or humming the tune, which will flip my brain into music mode and make me lose focus in what I’m doing.

A friend recently advised that I might be spreading myself out too thinly. I definitely agree. I think part of why I’m so distracted is that I have so much on my plate that I need to pay attention to everyday. That requires me to shift gears every 30 minutes or so to think about what I need to do next. What a perfect way to enhance my almost-ADD! /sarcasm

I just took an online test on attention span and most questions made me laugh as I knew that I didn’t have to wait for the result to know that I have issues:

  • Do you get distracted easily (e.g. by background noise, other people’s conversations, etc.)? Uh, yes.
  • How often are you late for work or an appointment? Almost always. And yes, this is usually because I get distracted by something else when I really should already be leaving for said appointment.
  • How often do you catch yourself daydreaming at work? It’s my hobby and skill.
  • Do you jump from task to task because you just can’t seem to focus long enough to finish one completely? Yes. I’m not a proponent of the “finish the major task, then the minor tasks” concept. I dip my feet slowly into each task I need to do for the day.
  • How do you deal with boring, repetitive tasks? It’s fine for a very short period of time, but I’d likely need a break every five minutes hahahahaha.
  • You’re on the phone with a friend just as your favorite TV show starts. How difficult would it be for you to pay attention to the conversation? I will end the conversation or pause the show. I pause the shows I watch whenever I have to process a thought/idea by talking to myself. Yes, I’m a weirdo.
  • When reading a book or magazine, how often do you find yourself re-reading the same paragraph or skipping ahead? Huhuhuhuhu always happens to me because I usually read through a paragraph and then forget what I just read.

There were 2-3 more questions, but since this is getting long, let’s go to the result…


That said, please call me out whenever I get distracted by…ooh, a bird!

(via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!)

Being Well-Spent

I recently got invited by a friend to do a write-up on The Brewery, one of the nice and urban yuppie places in the metro. By now, you should already know that I won’t ever say no to an opportunity that combines food with writing, so I visited the place one early Friday night.

Said friend and I had some time to catch up on each other’s lives before the actual feasting began. While all of their dishes were a treat to the senses, what really stood out for me throughout the night was their free house bread. Other the fact that it’s free and it’s so moist and tasty, I got so amused with it because it was made out of SPENT GRAINS. Spent grains are the byproducts or leftovers from brewing beer, and people are just so innovative and cunning that they found a way to use it as “flour” for your bread.

Spent Grains Bread

Can you imagine that? Parts that normally would just be discarded are used to create something beneficial. (I’d even pick the bread over the beer any day, to be honest.)

Similarly, may this concept be something that we can apply in our lives. Even the qualities we have that we think are pointless and useless can be used for something great. Every part of you–every memory, every experience, every skill, every strength, every weakness–can be an instrument to make a difference.

Now, that’s what you call well-spent.

(Daily Prompt: Grainy)

Sticking to a Schedule

I was reviewing the status of my 2017 goals yesterday and realized that I’ve already done quite a lot for the first 7 months of the year. A congratulatory pat on the back for you, Meki. That said (and being the perfectionist that I am), there are still a lot of areas for improvement.

Interestingly, after some analysis, I realized that I hit the home run on one-off tasks (e.g. watch Coldplay, get my PMP, etc) but I am so terrible with things that require regular discipline (e.g. eating healthy food, reading books, blogging). I attribute this to the fact that I have gotten so used to calendar reminders appearing on my phone that I don’t even follow them anymore. 3:00 PM – Read a book while heading to the office. Ignored.

Starting tomorrow, I am challenging myself to be more disciplined with my daily schedule–not just for the sake of crossing off life goals, but because learning how to be disciplined is awesome! (Say that to self 523 times until I believe it.) I can’t approach life all willy-nilly.

But of course, I can’t completely stick to a planned schedule. A little spontaneity every now and then goes a long way. That means I can watch Gilmore Girls re-runs tonight, right?

(Daily Prompt: Willy-nilly)