My Bucket List

These are the things I have to do before I die:

  1. Learn how to play poker – Thank you Facebook Texas Hold’em
  2. See Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in Disneyland – HK and Paris Disneyland <3
  3. Learn to forgive and forget – :)
  4. Live in a different country for three months – Lille, France; September to December 2008
  5. Join and finish a fun run – Color Manila Run! 01/2013 :)
  6. Learn how to ice skate well
  7. Learn how to roller blade well
  8. Win in a tennis game
  9. Bungee jump!
  10. Learn conversational French
  11. Learn how to say “I love you” in 25 different languages
  12. Watch Dashboard Confessional play live – I love you, March 8, 2012!!!!
  13. See David Cook in person – May 2009. Hell to the yeah.
  14. See Michael Johns in person – RIP.
  15. Learn how to play the drums
  16. Form or manage a band
  17. Duet with someone to sing “No Air” or “When the Stars Go Blue” – Done! With Christian Pobre pa! ;)
  18. Learn how to ballroom dance
  19. Ride in a hot air balloon
  20. Ride a helicopter
  21. Get kissed by a dolphin
  22. Experience weightlessness
  23. Ride a mechanical bull
  24. Ride a rollercoaster for 10 consecutive times
  25. Go to Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
  26. Draw a portrait of myself
  27. Meet a Hollywood actor/actress – Hi Patrick J Adams. I love you.
  28. Break a world record
  29. Save a life
  30. Make a short film
  31. Write and stage a play
  32. Hold a photo exhibit
  33. Get something published in a major newspaper/magazine
  34. Be an ‘extra’ in a movie or a TV show
  35. Drive to Tagaytay and back
  36. Be the maid of honor in someone’s wedding – Unexpectedly became maid of honor during my childhood bestfriend’s wedding.
  37. Participate in a rally
  38. Be a part of the audience during a game show
  39. Receive 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts just because I will thank you forever, JayR!!
  40. Talk to a Philippine senator
  41. Take up a course in photography
  42. Fly a kite
  43. Bake a cake – Made a carrot cake!!
  44. Finish college with honors – Cum laude, thank God!
  45. Get a Master’s degree
  46. Get a PhD
  47. Meet the president of the Philippines
  48. Have a street named after me
  49. Donate Php50,000 to a charity
  50. Donate blood – MARCH 2010!
  51. Audition for American Idol or some reality show
  52. Stay inside the movie house for an entire day
  53. Get married
  54. Have a child
  55. Create a website from scratch – Yehey to our church website! Did it without asking for help!
  56. Become a vegetarian for 3 weeks
  57. Live in an awesome home environment
  58. Watch the Olympics
  59. Watch a Broadway play
  60. Finish reading the Bible – Yehey 2012! :)
  61. Invent something
  62. Make the YouTube featured videos list
  63. Make someone cry tears of joy
  64. Receive flowers from someone :|

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