No Expectations

I have learned from my past not-so-successful crushings that unless it is explicitly stated that the person likes you and would like to pursue you, you SHOULD NOT set expectations. No matter how sweet someone can be towards you, no matter how touchy, no matter how perfect you two may seem to be in your daydreams and fantasies, unless it is said OUTRIGHT–without any need for guessing and mind games–you cannot set any expectations.

Self, please remember this.

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True Freedom

I’ve been learning during my quiet time for the past few weeks about the meaning of true freedom. Truly being free does not mean having the privilege to do anything that we want. If that were the meaning of it, then I should’ve been “delivered” during that season of my life when I was literally YOLO-ing everyday. Only, I wasn’t. When I was in some season of self-rule and following whatever my flesh wants, I was even more so enslaved. I was a slave to sin, a slave to my flesh. I could do “anything that I want” but in reality, I was controlled by my human nature.

In Jesus though, we find true freedom because we get removed from all entanglements with the flesh. We need NOT follow our human nature anymore. Rather, we are free to love, free to follow, free to serve–all while we are living in joy and peace.

May you find freedom today.

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Radical Softness

I stumbled upon a tweet from Isa Garcia recently, where she shares a photo seemingly from a James Michael Nichols:


Society nowadays tells us that it’s kadiri to show emotions, and that we have to be tough and strong–never at the “losing” end of any relationship. And oh, I just couldn’t disagree more. I’m a proponent of platonic kilig as I believe in “expressive” display of affection towards people we care about, even if they are not our romantic lovers.

Thanks to social media and some rude comedians we watch on TV, it’s become a common practice to be vocal about our hatred and dislike of things (and even people). It seems that if it’s a criticism or a form of disapproval, we go straight ahead and express ourselves–no holds barred.

If we could just be as brave and blunt about expressing love, care and concern towards others, then I think there’d be peace on Earth. I’m preaching to myself here as well, since the many years of people frowning upon my “being emotional” is something I’m still battling.

May we not be afraid for our love to fall on deaf ears. May we not be afraid for our love to be rejected. May we not be afraid for our love to be taken for granted. As cliche as it may sound, love–especially love expressed–really is all we need.

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