Brave, Smooth, Charming

I have long been head over heels in love with Dashboard Confessional. This is one song though that I never really liked that much in the past as I found it too…needy. Hahaha. Tonight though, as this played on Spotify, I finally realized its appeal–there is beauty in the rawness and honesty in this number. Oh, I can only admire Chris for being brave enough to write something like this. Sometimes I wish I can articulate my thoughts as excellently as this as I tend to ramble too much.

Chris Carrabba, I love you.


For You To Notice – Dashboard Confessional

I’m starting to fashion an idea in my head
Where I would impress you
With every single word I said
Would come out insightful or brave
Or smooth or charming
And you’d want to call me
And I would be there everytime you need me
I’d be there everytime

But for now I’ll look so longingly
Waiting for you to want me, for you to need me
For you to notice me

Chit-Chat 1

3:15 pm sa mall

g: so.
b: hmm?
g: kamusta naman healthy eating mo?
b: ayun. ang hirap. gulay 24/7.
g: *meh meh*
b: i won’t do it if i had a choice.
g: arte. *meh meh*
b: kailangan lang talaga dahil diabetic.
g: okay. *meh meh*
b: o sige na, ako na ang goat.
g: *meh*
b: kulit mo.
g: hihi.

passes by a candy shop

g: uy.
b: hm?
g: i know this is torture for you but…
b: but…
g: can we buy some candies?
b: sorry, i’m a goat :)
g: sige naaa. nagccrave lang talaga ako.
b: fine fine. one condition.
g: what?
b: no asking if too much sweets can make you gain weight.
g: :(
b: alam na natin sagot dun. *oink oink*
g: hay nako.
b: *oink oink*
g: …
b: i saw a video online. close naman daw ang goats and pigs. at least, ‘di ba?
g: …
b: *oink*
g: :(
b: hehehe.
g: it’s not funny :(
b: hihi! smile na. joke lang.
g: …
b: uy…
g: …
b: uy, sorry na. i was kidding.
g: sorry na ha. i can’t do your whole healthy living stuff.
b: heeey i was just kidding.
g: :(
b: bati na.
g: …
b: *meh meh*
g: …
b: *meh meh*
g: …
b: the goat says sorry…
g: fine.
b: uy, serious. sorry nga. medyo insensitive.
g: it’s okay.
b: shouldn’t have made the comment.
g: de, totoo naman. i always bug you about me gaining weight after i eat sweets.
b: but i still shouldn’t have oink-ed.
g: yup, ’cause you’re a goat.
b: yii. nagjjoke na siya.
g: cheh.
b: bati na?
g: fine.
b: hehehe. i’m sorry for the oink hirit. but…
g: …?
b: but…i still think you should avoid stuff that are sweet.
g: argh.
b: not ’cause of what you think.
g: yan na naman.
b: i like you the way you are.
g: huhu *oink*
b: ‘di ba may history din kayo of diabetes?
g: hmm yup. mom’s side.
b: and ‘di ba your doctor said na you’re borderline diabetic na rin?
g: yup :(
b: ayoko naman magaya ka sa’kin no. so, for your health’s sake…
g: *meh meh*
b: avoid muna stuff that are sweet ha.
g: fiiiine. *meh meh*
b: the goat wins. *meh meh*
g: minsan hindi ko alam why i still hang out with you. weird mo.
b: well…it’s probably because i’m like mentos.
g: kasi…
b: i’m irresistibly fresh.
g: oh~kay. taas ng confidence natin.
b: admit it. you can’t resist me.
g: not all the time.
b: *meh meh*
g: only when you make pa-cute.
b: hihi see.
g: whatever :p
b: hmmm. ikaw, you’re like a gummy bear.
g: hay nako. comparison to a bear is no better than comparison to a pig.
b: you didn’t even ask me why.
g: hmpf.
b: ask muna why.
g: fine. why?
b: you’re cute and addictive.
g: :)
b: see ;)
g: sweet mo rin, ‘no?
b: i try.
g: too bad.
b: baket?
g: i need to avoid stuff that are sweet eh :p
b: loko.

Gummy Bear