Gaze into her eyes.
They’re empty and void circles, robbed of inspiration.

Take her hand and fit your fingers in the spaces between hers.
It’s but a cold futile chunk of flesh, robbed of companion.

Give her a peck on the lips.
They’re a pair of heavy shavings and rubbles, robbed of passion.

Make her think you’re real.
Then, fly away from her dreams, imaginations and planned future.

Tell her you love her.
And then, break her heart.

‘Cause you know you can.


As we grow old, there just seems to be more and more things that we can be a part of. Our friends list is multiplied–we now have preschool friends, grade school friends, high school friends, college friends, and post-grad friends–which means we have more lunch and dinner reunions to attend. Our hobbies and interests also get a bit more varied (and, to be candid, we have more money to spend on them), thus we have a menu of weekend activities to choose from: a crafts session, a gig of your favorite band, a football scrimmage, a yoga class, a church fellowship, an underground party, a kid/niece/nephew’s family day, and the list goes on. Don’t even get me started with work. People from the office love eat-outs and videoke, and employers love throwing random big events (parties, launches, assemblies, whatever you call them) to keep their employees engaged.

Amidst this abundance of choices, there just also seems to be more and more possibility of us missing out on things. There’s just very limited time, physical strength, money, and sanity to juggle one’s career, family, friends, health, jobs on the sideline, passion projects, faith, financial situation, romantic relationship/s (or the lack of it), social media life, and other leisurely activities.

It’s so tempting to go to every big and public event or activity we are invited to, regardless of what “smaller” things we sacrifice. You might have other reasons on why you want to do that, but it’s highly likely that one of them is because you want others to think that you are having the time of your life. I myself am guilty of having to pause during exciting moments and go: “I have to Instagram this!!” Alas. The young generation seems to have a constant need to put up a my-life-is-exciting facade on social media. I’ve seen some people (and I myself was once guilty of this; and no I am not generalizing the youngfolk) for whom photo documentation is like breathing air. They go to an event, have their photo taken (with the tagline “Uy, tag mo ‘ko ha!“), do some senseless small talk,  and rush to their next event. They may have been physically present, but they weren’t really there.

There are too many events to attend, too many people to meet, too many places to visit, and too many things to do. But, you can only allocate yourself to a few meaningful moments. Choose wisely. (And, please lang. May we all stop with our social media exaggeration. No need for our #bestnightever #mylifeisawesome #blessedforever hashtags. We are harboring a culture of hyper-sharing that breeds jealousy and depression.)

And to those who are victims of social media posts of friends that make them feel like their life sucks, you don’t need to be in that party or that class or that trip for your life to be awesome. Enjoy your baby’s smile, your best friend’s laughter, your father’s snoring, or even your officemate’s rants. Make a meaningful moment out of your situation.


*FOMO apparently stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”. I learn these pa-cool terms from reading articles about millenials.

Reminiscing about Silent Sanctuary

Currently running on adrenaline. I didn’t know that singing along to the songs of my favorite OPM band would ’cause me to have energy (which is slowly nauubos na…) to even draft a blog post.

Had a good day today. Visited the Christmas house, ate @ McDo Katip (so old school), lounged @ Starbucks Katip (so old school as well) and headed to Cowboy Grill with Gelo, DL and Joie. Again, mad props to DL. He is proving to be a trusty guy friend. He bought Kremil-S and Mighty Bond for me, as requested. Normal him wouldn’t, so maybe it’s the Joie effect. LOL.

First time to visit Cowboy Grill. It was nice, but I doubt that I’ll go back (except for another gig maybe) ’cause it’s just so…loud. If a place is too loud for an extrovert like me, then that must mean something.

They arrived late (coming from 2 other engagements today; lagari much) but by 12:30-ish, it was finally time for Silent Sanctuary! :) I will forever fangirl over these boys and their music. While Autotelic and other hipster local bands have been my groove in the past few weeks/months, I’ll always turn to Silent for the #feels. And, they’re really cool and fun guys.


Whenever I attend a gig recently, I end up being nostalgic about the good ol’ days. Yup, I’ve been listening to them since 2006 (I think). I used to go to gigs a lot, but college (and conyo-ness) happened. Thanks to a short-time crush on Abra, Chinoboy got me to attend a gig last 2014 (I was introduced to Abra, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity hahaha), and I’ve been trying to frequent their more intimate gigs recently.

The moments I remember the most from the early years are the following:

  1. SS Get-Together: Band and “listers” met-up @ Taco Bell Gateway for some kain, hello’s and pictures.
  2. SS @ RX Concert Series: Sat in front with Macon to capture all the songs on video. Met a lot of the listers for the first time here (Elli, Majo, Tricia, etc) as we ate @ McDo after. I think this was also the time when I attempted to talk to Sarkie in Japanese. I don’t remember what I said but it has the word “shashin”.
  3. SS @ Riverpark: I was fetched by Ate K in Katip and we headed to the gig. Stayed with them in the boat (a.k.a. band holding area) and sat literally in front of the stage with Ate Zsa. She was concerned with me inhaling secondhand smoke. So cute :) Gave Sarkie some Cello’s doughnuts, which I think he liked. Heehee. #ultimatecrush
  4. SS @ Bloo Gum: Chinoboy paid for my entrance (labyu Kuya Chins!!!) and I met the A Part Meant guys here. Had a happy crush on Robin (nasa’n na siya??). I think I watched this one with Ate Zsa and Lhen.
  5. SS @ Riverbanks: Boys invited me and Macon to the backstage (yehey) where we witnessed the Silent Sanctuary scandal v0.0 with the guy from Mom’s Cake (chos) haha. I was teased with Erb haha and we realized that Kuya Anjo and I could pass off as siblings.
  6. SS YM Conferences: Kuya Pao was a constant ka-chika-han. I think we even had joint chat sessions with Kean and Danits?
  7. SS Yahoo Group: The home of everything fun, and the witness to #jejemeki and #fangirlmeki :p
  8. Inside jokes: I don’t remember what it meant but 14 + 14 = 28 seemed to be about a secret of mine?

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The only thing that sucks is that I don’t have a copy anymore of the photos from those years. Does anyone have any? Share naman! Anyway, sabi nga ni TSwift:

We’re encouraged to document everything important that happens to us. Birthdays, proposals, baby’s first this or that, crazy nights out when everyone’s outfit is on point. It’s cool, we all do it. What gets tricky is when something great happens and you didn’t capture it, then you feel this sense of loss. That sense of loss and anxiety that you didn’t get to your phone fast enough then completely overtakes the magic of the moment that just took place. So lately, I’ve learned to really live my life, and not worry so much about documenting every split second of it. The most magical, exquisite, spontaneous things happen when there is no time to grab your phone. The best moments of my life have been too fragile, too fleeting, too magical to even try to document them with a camera. And I wish you a lifetime of moments too beautiful to capture on film. 

So true. I hope more people would put down their phones and just live in the moment.