About Moi

Who’s behind this blog?

I’m a 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 year-old girl who’s forgiven, accepted, alive and well. And I love grace! I am a full-time disciple and minister of the Gospel. It is my life goal to let Jesus be known through my life. I believe that one’s “normal” life can’t be separated from his/her spiritual life, and this means that it’s not a matter of imbibing God in tiny portions to one’s daily life. Living for Him and with Him means putting God in the center of it all, and making everything in your life revolve around Him.

On the side, I enjoy writing about God’s revelations to me, music, food, fashion, pop culture, geeky stuff, relationships, and anything that catches my interest. Oh, and I also work for a multinational IT company, which I think people assume to happen since I graduated from Ateneo de Manila with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I love Photoshop, photography, playing the guitar, spending hours in bookstores, attempting to speak French, drinking pitchers of water, real life hugs, being with my incredibly hilarious family, covering myself up with a blanket even though it’s hot, Helvetica, petrichor, coffee crumble ice cream, school supplies (especially post-its, notebooks and pens), making to-do lists, playing and winning in Scrabble, chai tea latte, bakeshops, randomly hugging Symphony, travelling, Italian and Japanese food, fireworks, cloudy days, starry nights, Jason Mraz, Chris Carrabba, doing my daily devotion, singing, worship, the youth, my Care Circle, event planning, designing, GRACE, and my God. ♥

Contact me?

For feature requests, concerns, partnerships, etcetera, you may contact me at melody.carolino@gmail.com :)


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